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Utilizing TikTok for Marketing Gains

Oct 16, 2021

Everyone’s heard of the newest social media phenomenon TikTok, which is taking the internet by storm. However, here at MyCreative Inc., we take a slightly different approach to TikTok and utilize its success as a genius marketing approach. It’s more than just cute little, catchy dances. TikTok draws billions of viewers every day, so as a digital marketing and digital advertising agency, we would be crazy not to tap into this highly lucrative marketing potential.

TikTok Benefits for Business

From a business’s standpoint, your focus is to always catch the attention of potential customers. However you choose to do it, you must find a way to put your name and business out there where possible customers will find you. That is exactly what TikTok can do for you.

As mentioned earlier, TikTok draws billions of viewers to its platform organically every day, so if you can put your name out there on TikTok, you’re likely to reach more people than any other online advertising site. Not only is it great for exposure, but if you can create a fun and interactive ad that catches the attention of fellow TikTok viewers, you’re sure to bring in some solid business leads just from that one ad alone.

A Hidden Marketing Giant

The explosive social media giant, TikTok started as just a fun place where people posted videos of themselves creating dance moves to popular songs, but it has since grown into a huge social media platform with all kinds of videos. People post funny videos of their cats, their kids doing crazy things, and even TikTok challenges, like the ice bucket challenge, which really draws the attention of competitive types.

Social media influencers have also started catching on to this hidden marketing giant and started posting TikTok videos of their own on a regular basis. This helps them generate more exposure and ultimately more followers. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and the Kardashians are all taking part in the TikTok phenomenon and finding huge success using its platform for marketing and social media growth.

TikTok and Generation of Revenue

When using TikTok as a form of social media marketing, both revenue and brand awareness will be heightened exponentially. In a recent case study done by Forbes, the average business owner that utilizes TikTok social media marketing found a 66% success rate when using the platform for business growth and revenue generation.

TikTok is Not Just for Kids

Although you may have a preconceived idea that TikTok is primarily for children, this could not be more wrong. TikTok has grown so vastly over the past few years that now adults, kids, and teens alike are all watching the videos and using its platform on a regular basis.

As mentioned earlier, social media influencers have also joined in on the fun of TikTok, which means more and more people will continue to follow the trend of creating and watching videos on this social media giant.

MyCreative Inc. Creates TikTok Videos for Business

Now that we sold you on the importance of creating TikTok video ads to grow your business’s online presence and social media marketing efforts, I’m sure you’re wondering how to even start to create these videos.

That’s where we at MyCreative Inc. come into play. We can help you create killer TikTok video ads that really grab the attention of your potential clients and leave them wanting to know more about your business and brand. Reach out to one of our marketing specialists today at and see just how much business you can bring from a simple TikTok ad. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!