Olivia Drescher

Digital Marketer

Olivia Drescher is a dynamic Digital Marketer with a flair for creating captivating email campaigns and social media content, particularly those she crafted for the Arizona State Fair. Her work stands out for its creativity and effectiveness in engaging with audiences, making each campaign a testament to her skill and passion for digital marketing.

Beyond her professional life, Olivia’s interests paint a picture of a vibrant and diverse lifestyle. She finds joy in attending concerts, exploring new culinary delights through cooking, cherishing moments with her beloved dog, and satisfying her wanderlust by traveling. These activities not only offer her relaxation and enjoyment but also inspire her marketing creativity, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to her work.

Two Truths and a Lie:

  • Olivia has had the thrilling experience of swimming with stingrays.
  • She has never broken any bones.
  • Olivia boasts a collection of water bottles.