Marc Young

Managing Partner

Marc Young, our esteemed Managing Partner, brings unparalleled expertise and leadership to our team. His crowning achievement lies in leading a major turnaround for a radio property, transforming a small signal station into a market leader within an astonishing 14 months. This feat was accomplished through a blend of passion, determination, and strategic innovation, underscoring Marc’s exceptional ability to inspire teams and revolutionize market standings.

Away from the boardroom, Marc dedicates his time to fostering dogs for the Arizona Humane Society, showcasing his compassionate side and love for animals. Additionally, Marc harbors a unique ambition: to coax ChatGPT into creating AI’s first AI, a testament to his forward-thinking and pioneering mindset.

Two Truths and a Fib:

  • Broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people simultaneously “mooning” on camera at one time.
  • Was a student docent at the LA Zoo and walked the opossums for the “Animals in the City” show.
  • Identified a major flaw during the filming of Beetlejuice and was told to shut my mouth.