Josh Montag


Josh Montag is a dedicated freelance videographer and video editor with a knack for capturing the essence of the moment. His work spans various exciting projects, but filming behind-the-scenes (BTS) for Matchbox 20 during their tour rehearsal, music video shoot, and performance for the Kelly Clarkson Show stands out as a career highlight. Additionally, Josh’s favorite MyCreative endeavor was shooting a commercial for the Arizona State Fair last year, demonstrating his versatility and passion for engaging visual storytelling.

Outside the lens, Josh’s world revolves around his family—cherishing moments with his wife and two boys. His personal interests include playing music, immersing himself in the live concert experience, cultivating his garden, and relishing the simple pleasure of taking naps. This blend of family dedication and personal hobbies underscores Josh’s well-rounded life, balancing professional pursuits with enriching personal activities.

Two Truths and a Fib:

  • Josh has traveled to 18 different countries.
  • He received a college scholarship for baseball.
  • Josh still enjoys the company of his friends from elementary school.