Jonathan Gary

Project Manager

Jonathan Gary, our dynamic Project Manager, excels in orchestrating video shoots, leading meetings, and spearheading research and personnel management. His standout achievement? Overhauling the marketing strategy and posting schedule for a local theater company, coupled with lending his voice for the Arizona State Fair—a project that perfectly marries his professional expertise with his passion for vocal performance.

Away from the project boards, Jonathan is a maestro of creativity. Whether it’s strumming his guitar, tickling the ivories on his piano, or experimenting with vocal animation, his artistic talents know no bounds. Beyond the arts, Jonathan is an avid investor and video creator, with a voracious appetite for continuous learning. His quest for activity is just as diverse—mountain biking, swimming, running, and weight training are all part of his routine to stay physically sharp and mentally focused.

Two Truths and a Fib:

  • Jonathan has piloted an airplane.
  • He’s a craftsman of programmed lightsabers.
  • He experienced the thrill of riding in the Batmobile.