Jacob Oberhansly

Camera Operator

Jacob Oberhansly excels as a Camera Operator, with an exceptional ability to capture the essence of each moment through his lens. His most cherished professional experience was serving as the Director of Photography on an independent feature film in Colorado. Over two months, Jacob and a dedicated crew of 30, including actors, created something truly special. This project stands out not just for the end product, but for the collaborative spirit and harmony achieved on set, which allowed them to exceed the sum of their parts in bringing a shared cinematic vision to life.

Outside of his cinematic endeavors, Jacob finds joy in the company of his family. Together with his wife and son, he embarks on journeys to new restaurants, scenic hikes, and undiscovered cities, cultivating a rich tapestry of experiences and memories. This balance of professional passion and personal fulfillment defines Jacob’s approach to life, underscoring the importance of both creative pursuits and family time.

Two Truths and a Fib:

  • Our family pet is a Rabbit named Gilly
  • I have traveled to 27 countries
  • I am originally from Florida