Hector Alonso Soto Jr.

Graphic Designer

Hector-Alonso Soto Jr. is a gifted Graphic Designer whose creative process is the heart and soul of his work. For Hector, it’s not about the final piece but the journey of creation itself. He finds his greatest joy in those moments of pure flow, where ideas materialize effortlessly from concept to creation. This passion for the process makes every project a potential favorite, as long as he’s in the midst of crafting something new. His approach is a reminder of the pure love for art and design, where the act of creating holds more value than the finished product.

Outside the studio, Hector’s life is one of cherished simplicity. He finds solace in solitude, quality time with his dogs, and immersing himself in various forms of entertainment. Whether it’s getting lost in music, diving into video games, or catching up on the latest shows, these moments of personal enjoyment are where he recharges and finds inspiration.

Two Truths and a Fib:

The only time Hector has been on an airplane, he took the plunge and jumped out.

In high school, he played football alongside a peer who would go on to become a retired NFL player.

Hector is just five states away from having visited all 50 states in the U.S.