Edward Farris

Social Media Manager

Edward Farris excels as a Social Media Manager and Videographer, known for his innovative approach to digital content. His favorite project involved creating a captivating commercial for The Room Escape Games, which was featured in local Harkins Theaters. This endeavor allowed Edward to flex his creative muscles, working with models to capture the essence of the escape rooms and their stories, showcasing his ability to blend narrative with visual appeal effectively.

Outside of his professional sphere, Edward immerses himself in the world of music production, specifically within the Lo-Fi Hip Hop genre, under the alias Thorn.vii. Over the past seven years, this hobby has blossomed into a significant part of his life, leading to collaborations with vocalists and producers worldwide. His passion for music extends into the local scene, where he has organized and performed in live shows, creating a community of like-minded artists in various venues across the valley.

Two Truths and a Fib:

  • Edward has a dog that has been a loyal companion for over 12 years.
  • He claims Yuma, Arizona, as his birthplace.
  • Edward mentions having three siblings in his family dynamic.